Friday, June 01, 2007

TV Upgrade How My Stupidity Got us A Big-Ass TV

Remember our wonderful garage sale find-the tv that doubled as a snooze button?!

Well, about a month ago, the tv took over 2 hours to turn on-after Josh spent pretty much the whole 2 hours pushing the on button because it kept turning itself off. After that, we didn't turn it off at all. You would think this would cut into the snooze time, but actually, if we left it on a cartoon channel, Josh could snooze for hours instead of minutes! (I'm always at work, so I don't get to snooze!) Yes, we are good parents like that.

Anyway, Tuesday when I left for work, the tv was on. When I got home, it was OFF. Josh's theory is that one of the cats stepped on the remote and turned it off. My theory is that it is an old tv and was tired of being on all the time. So, every 3-4 minutes or so, Josh would say, "TV" and Night would go and push the power button, to no avail. This, apparently had been going on all day. Neither boy would give up. Feeling sorry for them, I said we could look into getting a new one.

We got on-line to CraigsList and looked for some tvs for sale to decide if it would be better to buy a new one or a used one. First, I saw one for free! Yay! I called, and missed it by about 10 minutes. Someone else had called first, but she would call me back if they didn't show up. I looked at LOTS of different offers. Then, I saw a 27" tv for $50. I called him and asked him about it. He told me it was about 10 years old, but that it worked really well. Thinking I could get a better deal, I asked him if he'd take $20 less for it since it was so old. Sure! Great. Of course, when I was thinking about the tv, I thought it was advertised at $100, not $50, so I talked him UP to $80. Oops. So, I was all cocky when I came in and told Josh to get ready because we were gong to get a tv for $80! This is when he pointed out my stupidity....

Well, neither one of us wanted to call the guy back and tell him we wanted to pay $30 (or even $50), not $80, so we didn't get the tv. I looked on CraigsList a few hours later, and saw a 52" flat screen (theater screen) for TWO HUNDRED BUCKS! The guy was moving and didn't want to take the tv with him. So, there you have it-we got a big-ass tv for $200 bucks instead of a big tv for $50 or $80 or $30. It took some finagling to get it home, but now we have it, and my WII is awesome on it!!

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Daddy Forever said...

Well, lucky you. $200 for a 52" flat screen TV is a heck of a deal.