Thursday, August 24, 2006

See, I Told You I'm Not Stupid!

I am so excited that I've moved over to Blogger from Eponym. It seems so much more user friendly. Even though I took a little html in college, I couldn't figure out eponym. Granted, college WAS seven years ago, so a lot has changed, but still... As you will see in one of my first posts, I was feeling very dumb, but I am doing better now. I've gotten myself a book, and all of the updates you see before you have been done by Yours Truly (except the rss feed-Josh did that before I jumped on the "I can do it myself" bandwagon). Stay tuned for more excitement in the next few weeks!!

1 comment:

Anna said...

I'm so glad you've come accross to the "Blog Side"!!

It's much easier for people to leave comments on as well.

Looking forward to reading the latest from the family.