Thursday, August 24, 2006

That Place is Scary!

Last night we went to the mall. Josh met with some people for his movie and the kids and I went to the play area. Let me tell you, as an adult, that place is scary! They have these big play things that the kids run and jump on. One of them is a walled in area with a slide on in. If the kids are inside the walled in area, you can't see them at all unless you are standing directly over them. What horrible planning. Night was running around climbing and whatnot while Keira was doing her best to get run over by the kids who were about 2 feet too tall to be in the play area. Who monitors these things? I wanted to get a whistle and start kicking kids out. There are rules posted that these kids are too big, yet there they were-running around with the little toddlers who can barely stand up on their own, let alone stand up to the force of a 10 year old falling on them. I was very worn out after chasing her around and trying to make sure my son didn't fall into the walled in area and get knocked unconscious. I wouldn't know-I couldn't see him.
So, I distracted him and took him over to Chick-fil-A, where the non-makeup-wearing clown was making animals and things out of balloons. Away from the scary ten year olds-we're safe. Now I just have to make sure neither one of them swallows a piece of popped balloon...

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