Tuesday, September 26, 2006

At Least I Didn't Wake Up Like Josh Did

This is the story that was related to me when I was home for lunch:
Night's version-
"Keira took her diaper off all the time and she pooped."
Me- "Eww. I bet that was gross."
Night-"It was. It was a mess. She just kept taking it off."

Josh's version-
I wake up this morning, and take a moment, sitting on the edge of the bed, to clear the cobwebs from me head. Into this blissful state between the land of dreams and of accepting the reality of the coming day comes my son's voice.
"Josh, Keira is naked, and she pooped I think."
I stumbled into the kids room, Night is standing in front of his sister's crib, hands behind his back, telling her that she needs to take "vitamins and medicines to get big and strong so that you can poop and pee in the toilet like a big kid." He then turns his attention back toward me and proceeds to berate me for not giving her the vitamins that would make her a big kid. He caps his lecture off with: "Yeah, I'm sure she pooped now."
I love being a stay at home dad.

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Mari said...

I love that you are a stay at home dad too. I wouldn't want that job... :)
I love you, Husband.