Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Guess What Time I Woke Up This Morning!


I berated and called myself weak each time that I reset the alarm, which was no less than 3 times. Notice I RESET the alarm, I didn't even snooze. I needed more than 9 minutes rest!

I did, however, rush through my shower in order to do pilates, so that did take away one of my insults. I guess that is progress, right??


Anna said...

I got up okay today, left the house 15 mins earlier than normal and arrived at work 1/2 hour early!

Not bad!?

Mari said...

Not bad at all! By the way, if Tino can get up right away, I think he's dumb...only because I'm jealous! I try not to hit that snooze button, I just talk myself into it EVERY time!