Monday, September 18, 2006


We have a ghost in our house! I'm not even kidding. This morning, when I was taking my shower, I didn't turn on any lights. I know-weird, but sometimes I just feel like showering in the dark-that's how fat I am... Actually, it is more calming, and we have a window in the bathroom, so there is still some light-providing I sleep in (until 7am-woohoo). This is NOT about my showering in the dark habit-I don't have to explain it to you...
Anyway, we have a lamp in the bathroom as well as an overhead light. I didn't turn on either one of these forms of illumination this morning. So, there I was taking my shower and the overhead light turns on! At first, I thought that Josh had come in, so I look, and there is Orson (cat), just sitting on the counter, by himself. Scully (dog) was lying on the floor (see why I have the lights off-I like to at least feel like I am alone). She just looked at me and wagged her tail.
Josh was asleep-I checked not 5 minutes later. BUT the really weird part? The light switch was turned off, but the light was on! I even took a picture (I'm at work now, so I can't post it, but I will) to prove it. I left the light on without touching the switch. If the ghost wants to be able to see me naked, by all means, let him look. It boosts my self confidence!

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