Sunday, September 17, 2006

Memories of Down Under

I can't seem to put my thoughts into words. I really miss Australia. I really miss the people that I know there, but it is so much more. I just can't describe it.
Even if I weren't able to see my friends there, I still feel like I belong back in Oz. I wonder if my desire to return (permanently) is because of the memories I have with my friends, if it is because I have kind of set Australia up on a pedestal, or if the gods of fate are telling me that I am meant to be there and I won't feel "complete" until I am back.
oh my god, this sounds stupid and cheesy.
I just picture living there with my family, and although I realize moving there wouldn't make everything perfect, I feel like we "fit in" better there than here. Josh and I have discussed moving and we are both up for it-we just can't get a visa worked out. Know anyone who wants to hire a dental assistant? or anyone want to sponsor Josh so he can make a film there?
**I've been conteplating this post for a few days now, and I still don't feel like I can get my thoughts out accurately, so I'm just going to stop here because I have spent more time typing and deleting than you could imagine!**


Anna said...

I know the feeling too well. I've wondered if I could live in Iceland again, maybe not forever, but for another year or so. But I don't know what we would do for work etc.

I just booked tickets back there for Christmas, I am so lucky it is close now.

Don't feel bad though, I'm not in Australia so what is the point!! Ha ha

Mari said...

It just seems like I've been overwhelmed with it lately-my host mum sent Keira a birthday present, I've been corresponding with you more lately (not that you are IN Australia, so maybe I'll move the fam to London), and Nashville had an Aussie fest this weekend. I got some Tim Tams and resisted my every urge to buy some vegemite...Oh wait, the urge wasn't to buy the vegemite, it was to puke from the memories of vegemite...
I really think we COULD live there and be happy. Of course, it has been so long since we've even been anywhere but Nashville that driving an hour away seems appealing!!
Wow-this comment is as long as a post-can you tell I've got Australia on the brain?!