Friday, September 22, 2006

Why My Boss Is Better Than Yours

I've been working for my dentist for 6 months now. Let me go over the list of perks:
  • 3-1 week vacations since starting (two of them paid, one of them only 2 weeks after starting)

  • Free coffee (and donuts when I let him go to the shop) every day

  • $200 per month insurance allowance (given to me just 3 months after starting work)

  • $50 gift certificate for scrubs and $35 gift certificate for The Body Shop

  • A thank you card and expensive chocolates (b/c I came in during our week off and got the mail)

  • Fresh flowers from his garden each week (season is ending though...)

  • 401K investment-he's giving me a 7% raise AND contributing 4% to my 401K fund

  • I sit here and search the internet pretty much all day long, while he continues to tell me how wonderful I am

  • He gave me $100 when the fair came to town-he wants us to enjoy Franklin so we will stay here for a long time-I'm prone to running...

  • He is just really, really nice and I like working for him!
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