Saturday, September 23, 2006

Quality, not Quantity

We went to TARGET-the best place in the world (according to Night) and bought two transformers. Night knew that he could only get one item, so he picked the package that had two small transformers rather than the one that I tried talking him into getting, which was a little more expensive but had a bigger transformer. He insisted that the two little ones would be better.
I kid you not-less than a minute after getting them out of the package, they broke-both of them! So, after 10 minutes of constant screaming, I decided to take them back to Target and let the poor man behind the customer service desk deal with the unruly child if he wouldn't give my money back. Fortunately, he did let us return it, and now we have bigger transformer. Now, we need a new one because the bigger transformer needs a friend...

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