Monday, October 23, 2006

Exciting (but not the good kind of exciting)

I feel like I'm a CSI! Okay, not really. Okay, not even close, but here's the story.
I was working at the front desk at the dentist' s office this morning and I got a call...
"This is ..... with the Nashville Medical Examiner's office. We have a gentleman that was found decomposing in his home, and we are looking for his dental records to be able to positively identify him."
"His name is... Do you have any dental records for this man?"
"Can you hold please while I look for that information?"
HOLY CRAP. Oh. No. Don't see the name.
"Thank you for holding. No, .... was not a patient here. I'm sorry I couldn't help."
"Thank you for looking. Have a good day."
"Thank you. You too."

weird. Now I'm not going to get this picture of a decomposing guy out of my head. Yuck. It would've been cool if I could've found the records, though.

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