Monday, October 23, 2006

Celebrity Sitings

The little restaurant that I work in has been known to be host to a few celebrities, probably because it is usually quiet there. Every Saturday, Ralph (someone famous-I just don't remember who-I think he's on the radio or something. He's old), Ray Stevens, and Goober from The Andy Griffith Show all take up table number 5. They always have Linda as their waitress, and she spoils them with all their special orders; but pretty much other than that, she doesn't pay too much attention to them. Sometimes we make them feel special by having them sign autographs for our friends or something. They like that-they are old and not too many people recognize them.
I've waited on Reece Witherspoon and her husband Ryan Phillippe, which was a lot of fun. They were nice and quite quiet. He's a small guy. Faith and the family have been known to come in. We've seen Leann Rhymes a few times as well as Julie Roberts. I can't leave out Lisa Hartman Black either. Okay, her mom is the one that comes in every week, but Lisa Hartman has been in before too. She is also very tiny.
By far, my favorite (other than Reece, but she's not a regular) famous person to come in would have to be Keith Urban, mainly because he is Australian... He hasn't ever brought Nicole in, and his visits have been less frequent in the past few months. I just like when he comes in because I talk to his mum about Oz when she comes with him, and I like his accent. He has very white teeth. Anyway, Keith came into the restaurant on Wednesday. I don't work there during the week, so I missed it, but the manager told me he was there-the day before he checked himself into rehab... Must've been some pretty strong eggs we served! I told Josh this story and he said, "Wait. Isn't he Australian? It must've been a lot of alcohol!" You see, Aussies like their amber fluid! Of course, this is just a stereotype. Aussies drink a lot and yankees (all americans) all carry guns-everywhere. Can't say I know which stereotype is closer to reality...

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Anna said...

I don't think I could have waited on Ryan Phillipe!! There's no way I wouldn't have been star-struck.