Monday, October 30, 2006

I Have a New Blog!

My wonderful friend Anna (from England from Australia) is also giving biphasic sleeping a try. She invited me to post my experiences with her on our new blog: Biphasic Sleeping. In theory, it'll be updated often, since we both have all this new "free time." In reality...we'll see! When I lived in Australia, we did do a project together and it worked out quite well. We made a video of the area with her dad's camcorder. Of course, I can't find the movie, so you just have to trust me that it was a good little project... I didn't even get to transfer it over to the American version of the video-I have no idea what happened to it. This is a bad example of how well we work together... Alas, have a look at our new blog and enjoy!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Oh my God, I forgot about that!

Then there was the book we posted between ourselves for a few months....

Actually just occured to me, the blog is like the electronic version of the book!