Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm Scared...

I bought an eyebrow waxing kit, oh about 4 months ago. I can't bring myself to do it! I've even been to the salon since buying it. I went to the salon this afternoon (a walk-in, no appointment) and after waiting for 1/2 hour, the stylist informed me that she didn't know how to do waxing and there wasn't anyone around who could. Thanks. By that time, it was after 5:00 (I was at the mall, on Sunday), so I couldn't really go anywhere else to get my eyebrows done tonight.
My eyebrows are horrible. I go through phases where I don't even seem to notice them; then I can't stop noticing them. I'm in the later phase at the moment, so it is driving me crazy that they are BUSHES.
So, as the house is quiet, and I have the time, I decide to do it. I gather all the stuff, even get a mirror so I don't have to go in the bathroom-comfort is important, right? I sit down on the couch, just to read the directions... That's as far as I got. What if I fuck up? I'm going to be in a wedding in a few weeks. I can't really ruin all her pictures with my weird eyebrow sculpture-or worse yet-ruining it so much that I have to draw them in-completely.
I'm just scared. I guess I'll have to run out after work tomorrow or on my lunch break. What a waste of money. I'm too much of a pussy to wax my own eyebrows. In fact, I'd be more inclined to cut my own hair (which I'm not very inclined to do at all) than to wax my own eyebrows. Heck, if the lady at the salon can't do it, what makes me think I can??


Anna said...

Ooh, here's something I'm seasoned at!! I don't have the patience to pluck.

If you are nervous about using wax yourself, get some wax strips like this

They are idiot proof, they are already shaped so don't need to worry.

I use wax on mine though, it's a tiny pot you put in the microwave, it was scary the first time, but it's actually very easy. If you make a mistake putting it on, the wax should wash off under water, so don't stress. Does yours have a little wooden stick to put it on with? Don't use too much wax, or use the wax when it's too hot and runny. Smear a thin coat of it from the middle of your eyebrow (looking straigh ahead, about where your pupil is) to the end in one sweep. For some reason it just goes on straight every time. I don't do above my brow though.

Trust me, it's easy and so much cheaper than the salon.

Anonymous said...

You should try threading instead! Check out this site, they give a great description and reasons why it's so much better than waxing for your face:

Shobha is New York, but check this site for possibly a closer salon:

good luck!