Sunday, October 15, 2006

I've Changed My Mind

** warning-this is a long rant about working at the restaurant. you may want to skip it. **

Old people are NOT cute.
Even though I am working on my book (not really, but I should), I really do like being a waitress. I enjoy the people I work with, I enjoy interacting with the people, and I enjoy taking cash home rather than having to wait for a paycheck. However, some things really get on my nerves!
One of my biggest pet peeves is when people argue with me or complain to me about price. First of all, how rude! Second of all, I DON'T MAKE THE PRICES! Third (and final, even though I could go on and on), you have a menu in front of you, if you don't like the price, don't order it. Besides, if you argue with me over a couple of dollars, I know what my tip will be-despite the fact that I've wasted my time giving you extra attention over something STUPID. (like how I got in a fourth point?)

I work at a breakfast/brunch place in an upscale (well, the people like to think of themselves as upscale) neighborhood. There are A LOT of older people who come in as well as a lot of families on the weekends. One older couple really got under my skin yesterday morning, and seeing as I am going to be going back into the restaurant today, I really need to use Anna's idea of therapy and blog it out!

I was really busy at the time, so I didn't get the couple drinks before they ordered. I think this is more efficient anyway-why do people think they need a sip of coke before ordering? (can you tell I'm in the mood to go on a tirade?) Anyway, I get to their table and greet them. I'm very nice. She's cordial. Fine. Then she tells me what she wants to eat (it is called a Dawn Breaker-a scrambled egg thing, really yummy) and then asks me what she can get instead of the potatoes (like hashbrowns, kind of)...(I start to point in the menu)...without paying extra. I simply, but politely, say, "Nothing." She says, "Well, this is what I'm going to do. I don't want any potatoes. Instead I want rye toast and wheat toast." I politely (I'm a very nice person) say, "Well, I will have to charge you for the second order (Didn't we just go over this?) unless you just want one piece of each." Still not catching on (or just trying to trick me because she is mean and old), she says, "No, I'm exchanging the potatoes for toast." Me: "Well, you can't-unless you want to get charged." Her: "I'll just take one slice of each, and I want coffee." Great. I look at her husband and he rudely says, "WHAT'S SO MAGICAL ABOUT THOSE POTATOES ANYWAY??" I wish I could do the voice for you so you could truly experience my annoyances. I just politely say, "I don't know. They are pretty good." Then the woman starts mumbling about how nobody likes the potatoes anyway and the restaurant is just trying to get more money... I let it slide; didn't even comment, even though I could have: a lot of people DO like the potatoes and they are really cheap to make, so if you want, say a bowl of fruit instead of the cheap potatoes, you really should have to pay for them.
Then the old man, who is yet to order, asks me AGAIN about getting something without paying extra. He wanted an eggs benedict. Then he said, "Instead of the potatoes, I want extra apples (gross apples that come with the "benny"), AND I'M NOT PAYING FOR THEM." *whoa* Still politely, I say, "Well, I'll try, but I don't make the rules! (stupid old cheap bastard)" Then he procedes to tell me that he is going to share his wife's coffee and he wants his own cup. We bring a carafe of coffee to the table, but we charge by the cup/calling it a never ending cup, so really, we charge by the person. It is not a new concept. I started to tell him he'd have to pay for it, but he just stared me down, daring me to charge him. So I did. I didn't discuss it with him-why should I be discussing prices? They are in your menu.
Then I went back into the kitchen to put in their order for cheap food (not even charging him for his damn apples, which should've been $1.50). I get their carafe of coffee and TWO mugs and walk out to the dining room. They are both turned around looking into the walkway of the kitchen. I take them the drink. "Well, (exaggerated sigh) we WONDERED when you were going to bring the coffee." "Well, (persnickety sigh) I was putting YOUR order into the kitchen. I thought you'd want to eat." And I walked away.
I wasn't rude to them, but I wasn't the friendly server that I usually am. And I am a good server... I took them food, checked on them, even brought them extra coffee that they were SHARING. I then waited until they were more than finished to drop off the check that had that extra $1.95 for coffee on it. I dropped it and didn't look back, until they were gone. I watched the register when they were paying, but they didn't mention the coffee. They'll probably never come back due to that $1.95, which is fine with me.

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Tessa said...

Working with the public is sooo hard. Some people are wonderful, but most are just grumpy or looking to yell at you (this is my pharmacy work talking). Being a waitress is hard work anyway, I don't know why people try to make it harder!