Thursday, October 19, 2006

Living with a Three Year Old Boy

Connor Night can be so entertaining!
Yesterday, he pointed to my "girly" lotions and asked me if those things make girls turn into zombies.
where did that come from???

He was eating his "Scooby Snacks" last night (that's how I lured him out of the bathtub), and he brought me a cracker. "Here's a cracker for you. I licked it a little bit. Do you want to lick it too?"

As I'm wiping urine off the bathroom wall beside the toilet, I'm wondering why I thought a potty-trained boy would be better than a diapered boy. At least the diaper keeps everything contained. As it is now, we never know what we'll find when we go into the bathroom. He is very much potty trained, so that is a bonus (I guess...), but he's not so great at aiming yet. And when he poops, he goes in the little potty instead of the big one. This isn't as bad as it could be because he then dumps the contents into the big toilet for us and puts the little one into the bathtub so we can clean it out for him, all without prompting (usually). The problem is that he doesn't always tell us when he goes---what a surprise when you try to quickly hop into the shower when you are late for work! I'm not complaining, this is a better system than when he just left it in the potty and didn't tell us about it!!
I feel like we should put up caution tape in the doorway!


Anna said...

Living with a 33 year old can cause it's own problems.

Biggest problem - toilet flushing
Excuse #1 - there wasn't enought water in the cistern yet (I can almost grant that one)
Excuse #2 - you were in the bath
Excuse #3 - you were in bed
Excuse #4 - I normally do it
Excuse #5 - you forget sometimes too you know !!!
Excuse #6 - are you sure it wasn't you !!!
Excuse #7 - I wasn't finished !!!
Excuse #8 - I thought I did

Honestly - these are ACTUAL excuses!

Mari said...

Excuse #9 - it costs less if you flush less

I like number 7. it isn't like you can just save it up, right?

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

That is so funny... he sounds just like my 4 yr old nephew Jackson.

I agree... diapers are easier!!!

Anna said...

It does cost less, but it's just one thing I can't do for the environment!