Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Problem Solved, Right?

As you know, I've been having problems getting up in the morning. I usually wake up around the same time each day. SOMETIMES I let myself sleep in on Thursdays (my day off) until 8:00 or so, but usually, I get up around 7:00. I have been trying and trying to get up earlier, but my will at 6:30am is so much stronger than my will at 10:00pm, so I usually reset the alarm.
It isn't because I waste time in bed at night-you know how they say to make sure you are tired when you go to bed? I AM TIRED! I am usually so tired that I can't roll over to turn the light off after reading. I have a book-lite. It is a good thing. I actually find myself falling asleep in mid-sentence then waking up and turning off the light.
Anyway, I've decided that my problem is quality of sleep. We have a really nice mattress-double pillow top that I absolutely love. I do find myself waking up often in the middle of the night then falling back asleep. I've found a way to fix it-a BOTTLE of wine. Last night, I had a glass of wine before bed and I slept pretty well in the early stages, but I still woke up in the middle of the night. If I finish off a BOTTLE of wine before bed, I'd think that'd be good for at least 7 hours, wouldn't you? Maybe I could even keep the remnants of it bedside so if I do wake up, I can chug some right then and there and fall back into dreamland....
Something to think about.

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Anna said...

Hmmm - a theory I've been testing extensively for the last few years. It's not recommended for sound sleep as:
a) you end up having to get up to pee
b) you end up so dehydrated that you have to get a drink of water during the night
c) because you've had a glass of water you'll need to get up and pee

You should be able to see the cycle.....