Monday, October 16, 2006

Watch Out for the Corn Flies

We are decorating for Halloween/Autumn/Fall at work. The Dr. brought a bag out of storage. The bag had a maize/corn stalk thing in it. He goes to show me what it is so I'll know where to put it, and the whole bag is full of LIVE flies. The bag has been in storage for a YEAR. A YEAR with no air, food, or water. How are they alive? I figure they had been eggs or something, but if you live in the Franklin area, be careful-he let the flies out of the bag, and these suckers have got to be virile! He was going to try to autoclave them (how we steam-sterilize our instruments) but he decided that it'd be too cruel. I say fry the suckers, but what do I know?

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