Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

After my post about making special days special, I sheepishly tell you that we are not celebrating Thanksgiving today! I am, however, VERY thankful that my family is home with me and safe. Josh finally pulled up around 11 last night. The longer they were gone, the more worried I became even though I had talked to them and knew everyone was doing fine. I had just realized that my whole world was in that Xterra, and even though Josh is a great driver (not a great passenger...), traffic was bad yesterday, so it worried me.

On the way home, I talked with Night, and he said, "Will you do me a favor?"
I said, "um, it depends..."
"Will you clean the living room and the den and your room and my room?"
"Then when I get home I want to help you clean the kitchen. You can clean the top and I can clean the bottom."
"Sounds like a plan!"
I had already cleaned everything-what else do you do besides drink when the kids are gone?

When they did arrive, both kids were just waking up as I greeted them at the Xterra door. Keira smiled at me, which made me ecstatic because Josh said it took a good hour for her to warm up to him again-she was clinging to his mom. Night told me he was so excited to be at his new home (the name for our house since we moved in last February). He then walked in to the house and asked me if he could help clean. He was a bit delirious...
As silly as it sounds, his wanting to clean made me smile because that is one of the good memories he has of me and our house-cleaning the floor with Clorox wipes while I clean the counters. I hope that continues to be a good memory since I hate cleaning!

Night DID look like he grew-his legs are at least an inch longer! Keira looks different too-something about her face, but I can't work out what it is!

Since our last couple of weeks have been hectic, I didn't go grocery shopping. We are all just looking forward to having normal days again. It is weird, when you are single or even married without kids, a schedule doesn't seem so important, but having a messed up schedule when you have kids is odd. Even though I enjoy variety, it is a lot easier to be "normal" again, so just staying home with the kids today is a perfect Thanksgiving for me. We had breakfast burritos this morning, sandwiches for lunch, and who knows what we'll have for dinner. Maybe pizza? Sounds like an exciting Thanksgiving Dinner-are pizza places open tonight??

Josh is all set for shopping in the morning. The deals are mostly for us-for now, not for Christmas. We aren't good at keeping surprises from each other. Josh is the shopper, though. I hate the crowds, but love getting good deals, so it works out perfect for me!