Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Christmas Traditions- WFMW

Even though my family is fairly messed up (Josh would use a different description, I'm sure), I do have nice memories of our Christmas traditions. If the kids weren't awake yet (ie-we were teenagers!), my dad would run through the house yelling, "Merry Christmas!" in his underware (not such a fond memory). Then, we would all get dressed. We were not allowed to be in pjs for opening up presents. Sometimes we got creative and dressed up in mismatched clothes, which was fine, as long as they weren't pjs. My mom would make homemade donuts and we had to wait until everyone was finished with breakfast before opening presents-even (this was the worst part) the coffee. From there, either Dad or one of the kids would pass out presents, one to each person then everyone would open them at the same time.
I think it is important for my kids to have good memories, so I am always trying to make special days special. Here are some of the traditions I have come up with thus far:
*Christmas pajamas. Going the opposite of my parents, I like to stay in my pjs, and I think it is neat to have special Christmas pjs each year. Josh doesn't participate (he can if he wants to, though), but everyone else gets a new pair of Christmas pjs each year, to be worn for the first time on Christmas Eve. We can wear them after that too.
*Christmas Pickle. I don't remember what country it is, but there is a country that people hide a pickle in the tree for other members of the family to find. My mom got us a glass Christmas pickle that Josh and I have been hiding back and forth. It is problematic trying to find hiding spots on a fake tree...but this is a tradition I want to carry on with my kids too.
*Christmas Crackers. When I was in Australia, we had Christmas crackers, and I thought it was so fun; it was originally a British tradition, but then again, wasn't everything?? So, every year, we put our crackers under the tree and snap them before opening presents. We then wear our hats until we get tired of them, which is all of about 2 minutes.
*Last year, we decorated and put out cookies for Santa. That was fun too, so maybe that'll be our tradition too.

So, Christmas traditions work for me! For more Christmas Works for Me Wednesday ideas, visit Shannon's site Rocks in My Dryer!


Anonymous said...

Love the new pjs idea. We do that too!

We put the Christmas Crackers on the table and open them during Christmas dinner. Everyone has to wear the hat and we take pictures.

Mieneke said...

I love seeing Munchkin in her Flanel Jammies in the mornings. I will definitly get her a pair especially for Christmas.

Love the idea of making cookies for Santa too! Will borrow that idea off you next year for sure!

Thanks for sharing, sounds like you have lovely Christmasses in your house!

Lady Why said...

Those are some wonderful memory making traditions you are starting! We also do the Christmas pj's. That's the one gift that we can open on Christmas Eve then we keep them on most of the morning. There is nothing cuter than those Christmas pictures of all the children in matching pj's sitting in the middle of the the living room floor in a sea of wrapping paper! It's one of my favorite pictures!
Thanks for sharing your happy memories!!

Kat Coble said...

My favourite part of Christmas is that we never open presents all at once. Everyone takes turns opening one present at a time.

It allows us all a chance to visit longer, makes every gift seem more special, allows us to see people's reactions to their presents from us, etc.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anonymous said...

Those are so sweet, I love it!! I can't wait to have traditions with my little guy.

lrlwreath said...

I love Christmas memories!!!! My in-laws are don't let anyone open in their PJ's also, that was such a strange thought when I joined the family =))

Lines From The Vine said...

Thanks for sharing your traditions!
We love the p.j. thing too!


Anna said...

I may not have kids, but I love Christmas, traditions are really important to my little "family" This year is the first in our own home and I plan to have a ceremonial hanging of a door wreath. I have a Danish friend who love Christmas too, the Danes do Christmas really well. We go to the Lucia celebration at the Danish church (doesn't matter that I'm not religious) and visit the Christmas markets at the Danish society, and have a dinner together each year. Last year we spent Christmas Eve with them and her parents, it was one of the best years ever. This year I'll be back in Iceland, I can't wait to share it with Tino.

Jenn said...

I think the missmatched clothes is pretty fun! I agree with you though, I love to stay in pajamas. I think the pickle is a German traditon. I am part German but my family never celebrated any traditions related to our heritage. So I have tried to inject some of that. I bought a pickle too.

Mari said...

Yep, the crackers are supposed to be opened around the table, but we don't have one, so I improvised!!

Shalee said...

We do the pjs and pickle too! The kids love the race of who can find it first.

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

I love the pjs idea. I've known friends who have done the same thing. I'd stay in my pjs all day long if I could. Hey! I'm a homeschooling mom, I totally can! But I probably won't. Sigh.

I was just in your beautiful city last week and completely fell in love with Nashville!

Connie said...

We do the Christmas Crackers too and they are always so much fun. It is a requirement to wear the hats until pictures can be taken.

Kathleen Marie said...

We ALWAYS do the special PJ's. I agree, comfy and cute on Christmas is the only way to be!

Your dentist stories are rather amusing. I enjoyed them.

Malia said...

We do Christmas pj's too!