Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm Finally Travelling!

I'm going to be in a wedding this next weekend (no, I'm not Katie's bridesmaid, even though she asked. I already had plans...). For the first time since moving back here to Nashville, I'm going on a road trip. My bones are aching to travel! We leave for Austin, Texas on Wednesday night. We are driving the 13hours, and I know that I am crazy, but I am looking forward to it!
Josh left last night to take the kids up to stay with his parents in Goshen, Indiana. Night was super excited. That was an 8 hour drive, and I can't say that I was jealous of that drive! He took them late at night so they would sleep...
Josh said that during the drive, Keira woke up in the middle of the night (like usual), and he found out what she would do if we didn't go into the bedroom when she wails. She kept hitting her brother. She threw her pacifier at him and pulled his hand out from under him (he was leaning on his hand while he slept). She wanted someone to play with! He's a pretty sound sleeper, so she didn't get her wish.
As for me, I stayed behind so I could earn my paycheck. For the first time in...well, for the first time, I was COMPLETELY ALONE in the house ALL NIGHT. What a strange feeling. One thing that I noticed was that if I chose to pick up a toy (no promises), that toy will STAY PUT AWAY! I can't even fathom the concept of a clean house that stays clean!!
I went all over the house and turned off all the lights except for the ones in the room that I was in. I'm saving money! Then, I sat down and ate a bowl of ice cream. No sharing. Well, Scully (the dog) tried to get her share, but I was steadfast.
Josh will be back tomorrow. I'm going to try to enjoy the quiet.

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