Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Orson Update

I took the cat into the Vet today to get neutered... Hopefully this will take care of all the problems we've been having. I know that Wanda (the girl cat) will be grateful because he chases her around and "attacks" her every couple of weeks.
He is already mad at me because I had to take away his food around midnight last night so he could have anesthesia. He was cussing me out this morning because he wanted some food! I don't know when he last ate-you can't explain to the cat that he needs to eat before you take the food away.
I'm nervous because I had to sign all these papers saying it was okay to put him to sleep and to do blood tests etc. I think I signed more paperwork than our patients do here at the oral surgeon's office! Sigh. I hope he is doing well!

1 comment:

Anna said...

i like the new green!

Poor Orson, I hope he's okay.