Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Shelves, originally uploaded by mari_ickes.

Okay, Anna, here are MY shelves. We also do not have a cupboard, so we use these shelves and the space under the bathroom sink. Notice the eyebrow kit I am still too scared to use! I bought some baskets (oh, about 2 months ago) to organize this area, so maybe I'll tackle that tonight, if I can get into my sleeping schedule...

Let's see, what is in there? lotions, 3 kinds of mouthwash, babywash, pet spray (litter box is right by the bathroom), lots of band aids, some washcloths, deodorant... There is absolutely NO ORGANIZATION to it. There are 4 drawers in our bathroom that are chock full of disorganization as well: makeup, medicine, razors, hair stuff, more band aids (Night likes them!), xtra toothpaste and toothbrush... Wow. I'm getting to overwhelmed. I doubt if this will get clean tonight!!

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Anna said...

Um, should I admit I've not finished organising mine either!!??