Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Too Much Spiderman

Night has been playing Spiderman on the Gamecube. He is only 3, so he doesn't really know what he is doing, but he has a lot of fun swinging from his webs. The game is kind of like a movie because there is a lot of dialog in it. Night has been incorporating this dialog into our conversations with him.
He told Josh that Aunt Mae and Uncle Ben raised him like parents did and he is like their kid.

We've been having difficulties trying to get him to leave the pacifier alone, so we bought him a Spiderman lego toy thing if he agreed to throw away his pacifiers and not to "borrow" Keira's pacifiers. No problem, right?
Well, he'd been only having it at bedtime, so that is when the screaming takes place. Luckily, my bedtime is before his, so I don't have to deal with it. Last night, Josh walked into the kids' room when Keira was crying-to check on her. Her pacifier was missing...it was in Night's mouth, who was sleeping soundly in his own bed.
Josh was telling me this story after work today, and I was trying to let Night know that it wasn't "cute", so I looked at him and asked him if he stole Keira's pacifier. He just hid his head behind the couch. It was very cute, so I had to turn around so he didn't see me smile. Then I tried yelling at him with my back to him. It didn't work. He wasn't looking at me either.

Then he informed me that he just wanted some old fashioned justice. (a line from the game)

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