Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday

My son and daughter share a bedroom. There is a clothes storage issue in the room. They have a small closet and a dresser. Night (my son) has the closet-two rods; all of hanging clothes go in the closet. He gets the bottom two drawers of the dresser-for pjs, socks, and underware (he's a big kid and wears big kid underware). My daughter has the top drawer for her socks and bibs etc.
We were having a difficult time with storage for my daughter's clothes. Instead of having a fourth drawer, the dresser has doors and a shelf. So, I folded all of Keira's clothes together in outfits and piled them on the shelf. In theory, this was fine. In reality, when my son or husband (okay-I admit: sometimes me) got clothes for Keira, they would pick two halves of two different outfits, leaving the dresser a mess, with Keira having no matching clothes.
So, I put the outfits in gallon freezer bags, one outfit per bag. Anyone can pick a matching outfit; then the empty bag goes in Keira's dresser drawer so I can find it when I put away clothes. I know that some people use this technique when travelling, and now I've found that it works at home as well!

Sorry-no photos: I'm at work and didn't think about taking a picture when I was at home!
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Julie said...

Wow I'm impressed that you are so organized. We do the "cram the clothes in there and hope they don't avalanche out on your head when you open it storage" system. Yours sounds much more practical.

Lines From The Vine said...

I'm sure that saves you quite a bit of time and makes it easy for smaller children to dress themselves!
Great idea!

Overwhelmed! said...

This sounds like a great idea to me! Thanks for sharing. :)

Anna said...

I'll be using this when the time comes for sure!! I love that you keep using the bag too. Do you write the contents on it?