Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Coffee Ban

Yesterday that Dr told me that he didn't want any food or drinks in the front office. Previously, coffee was allowed, just not at the desk. In a round about/weird way, he told me no more coffee in the front room. Now, when I'm perusing the internet, I have to get up, go to the back, take a sip of coffee, and then come back to the computer. By the time I sit back down, I'm ready for more coffee! He said I could stay in the back as long as I want (you know, when there aren't patients and whatnot), but there is no computer in the back.
I'm looking for new employment. Requirement: coffee allowed when using work time to read other people's blogs. Is that too much to ask??? Maybe I should retire.

Just kidding. I love my job. I just miss my coffee this morning.


Anna said...

Sounds like a severe case of coffee withdrawal grumps!!

My colleagues told me that the homemade soup I brought in today to save money (and calories) smelt like feet - so I can't win either!!

Kat Coble said...

Is the Doctor going through some personal issues? First he snaps at you and then he cuts off your coffee?

Hmmm. Sounds like someone is having control issues at home that he's taking out on his office staff.

Mari said...

I think he is stressed out by the end of the year expenses. His accountant is getting him ready for taxes and whatnot. It is annoying. He's really not bad, though. **I just want my coffee!!**