Thursday, December 21, 2006


I've been having some weird dreams lately! Last week, I dreamt that my sister got pregnant-with number 4. The thing is, she had her tubes tied. Sharla (my sister) wasn't too upset about it, but I was FURIOUS. You see, my mom got pregnant with me when she had an IUD and had to have it taken out to avoid aborting me. My sister got pregnant with #3 (in real life-not a dream!) when she was on the patch. Both of these methods of contraceptives are 99% effective; I guess the women in my family are prone to that 1%.
So anyway, in my dream, I was FURIOUS because I don't want to get pregnant and by Sharla getting pregnant, I felt that it increased my chances of having another baby. The dream came right before I was due for my depo shot, so maybe that is why I had that one.

Then, the night before last, I dreamt that my mom and I had food poisoning. It was really gross. From the dream, my most vivid memory is of the puke in the toilet looking like huge masses of popcorn...
Anyway, yesterday at work, one of the patients told me a story about how her son and granddaughter got food poisoning from an apple and the doctors didn't figure out what it was for 3 months-the virus survived that long! Isn't it kind of random that I had a dream about that the night before she told me the story??

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