Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Look What I Found!

Since today was such a boring day at work (who wouldn't want to be at the dentist's office during the Christmas season? It makes no since!), I had lots of time to explore-

I found an avatar that you can send to your cell phone or myspace (or both). It is totally customizable and really easy. I sent it to my myspace account, but I never use it, so that isn't as exciting as it could be...
But, then I sent it to my phone. Very cool. It looks kind of like me, which is you know, cute, and I picked from the list of pre-recorded voices. The one I picked has an Australian accent, which is cool. It is a bad accent, which isn't as cool, but kind of fun to make fun of! You can make up your own phrases and record stuff from your phone too, but I wasn't feeling all that creative, so I didn't!!
Go check it out at!

So, when trying to spend time avoiding work, works for me!!
For more WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY ideas, check out Shannon's blog.

Udo sponsors this post and my crazy ringtone fun!!

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Anna said...

Hi! I'm still trying ot find something like this for Blogger. I don't use my Myspace account either, have you found anything. My google searches came up with nothing.