Thursday, December 07, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

I don't think I've ever been tagged before. This is very exciting! Thank you, Kat Coble.

Three Things

Scare me: bats, that something will happen to my family, um...bats
People who make me laugh:
my husband, Amy Sherman Palladino and her husband Daniel (of Gilmore Girls and Family Guy), and my son
I love: my family, having my back rubbed, playing games (of the card, computer, and board variety)
I hate: when other people waste my time, crowded stores (crowds in general,really), peeling oranges
I don't understand: religions, why so many people have commented on this. of course it won't fly, why I can't make myself biphasically sleep even though it is better for me and I like it.
Things on my desk:pile of resumes (we are hiring at the dentist's office), NO COFFEE, and a bunch of insurance papers that need filed
I'm doing right now: watching Night play Lego Star Wars on the Game Cube, listening to Keira try not to sleep, and being squashed by my 50 pound "lap dog" (while balancing a laptop on my legs-figure that one out)
Update: What I'm Doing Right NOW: (Keira wouldn't sleep), looking for the remote so we can watch INCREDIBLES, trying to keep Keira from biting Night-horrible phase she is going through, finding a bunch of shit under the couch that I'm going to pretend I didn't see:still no remote, though
I want to do before I die: Travel, Travel, Travel; more specifically, go to at least every continent (maybe not Africa-not that I wouldn't want to go to Africa, it just isn't on the top of my list for some reason), live in another country-either Australia or a country in Europe, and expose my children to as many cultures as possible.
I can do: read-therefore I can do anything!, cut sutures, beat Josh at most games
I can't do: carry a tune, beat Josh at any video games (except Ms. Pacman), seem to pay my bills on time-even when I have the money in the bank!
I think you should listen to: Dixie Chicks, Ani Difranco, and Maroon 5
You should NEVER listen to: I couldn't care less who you do/don't listen to-unless it is something good that you want me to listen to as well. I guess I'm a little self-centered...
I'd like to learn: how to keep my house clean-completely effortlessly, any language fluently (other than English, ha ha), to be a fitness instructor-but I'm not motivated enough to be my own fitness instructor...
Favorite foods: Ice cream, Indian, Artichokes
Beverages I drink regularly: Coffee, Wine, Flavored Diet Coke/Pepsi (ie lime, cherry, vanilla etc)
Shows I watched as a kid: Dukes of Hazzard, Greatest American Hero, Just the Ten of Us

Okay, let's see who I should tag:
Anna, Tess, and Del

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Anna said...

I love these things! But I always get anxious that I wont be witty or interesting.....

Let me get on then.