Sunday, December 31, 2006

Which One Would You Want?

Since it is the new year, it is time for the new years resolutions, right? Well, I've never really been one for making them or keeping them. I can't even make a list for a day and stick to it. Anyway, I was looking at bikes because I think it would be good to be more fit. Who knows-maybe I could start biking to work...
While looking on the internet at different bikes (because THAT is good exercise), I found beach cruisers. It kind of sounds like it'd be a buggy or something; since it is already noon on New Years Day, it is way too late to start new resolutions like being fit, right? So maybe I could drive around in a buggy instead! But I looked it up on Wikipedia. As far as I can tell, it is an old-fashioned bike. Wikipedia says that it is only one speed with break pedals rather than hand breaks, but beach bicycles also has multi-speed bikes.
They have a place where you can pick your own color (for future bikes-kind of like a suggestion to the manufacturer).
I like girly colors, so this is the one I picked. I love the pink in the rims! So cute. AND it is on sale. I love a bargain!

XYZ Womens Blue Bike
Originally uploaded by mari_ickes.

Can't you just see me riding around chasing Josh on his vespa?

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