Monday, January 01, 2007

She's Back!

The "little dog" (that's her name-we can't get attached, just in case) has returned. Brother has let her out twice, trying to get rid of her. She just does her thing and comes back to the door. She then barks or scratches on the door, as if she has lived here her whole life. Actually, she comes back sooo much better than Scully does, and Scully actually belongs here.
Nobody has called about her, but I only put up two signs, and it is a holiday, so maybe the owners aren't around.

I'm annoyed at my brother (I know-shock). What does he care that she is here? He is leaving tonight anyway (keep your fingers crossed). He doesn't like the new dog and uses every opportunity to let me know. Jerk.

We are already keeping Scully, Orson, and Wanda locked up in half of the house so that his little dogs can run around. Now, we have Little Dog baby-gated up in the den so his dogs have the library (den-we don't have a table, just lots of books), kitchen, and the living room. Scully and the cats get the hallway, both bedrooms, and the bathroom.


Anna said...

Wow! Sounds complicated, enjoy having your house back to yourself!

newscoma said...

Keep the little dog.
I dig they way she looks sleeping next to the little one.