Saturday, January 20, 2007

Conversations with Josh

"Do you remember that Robert broke up with his wife?" (Yes, he is known by his first name in our household. He is an awesome director.)
"Well, guess who he took to the Golden Globes!"
"His son."
"Rose McGowan."
"Wow. So when you become a famous director and if we break up, maybe you can have a hot girl too."
"Maybe I could have Rose McGowan."
"She's taken, honey."
"Holly Marie Combs?"
"I think she's taken too. I'm pretty sure she's had two kids, so someone's taken her."
"Alyssa Milano?"
"No! If we break up, Alyssa Milano is MINE."
"Doh. I don't want Shannen Doherty."
"Guess we'll have to stay together then."
"You can still hook up with Alyssa Milano if you want."

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Jennifer said...

Another Charmed fan! Yay. The proper response about Alyssa would be: "Anybody can have her." (At least if they have a decent Internet connection...)