Saturday, January 20, 2007

What's A Girl To Do?

When she is about to lose her job? Take the day off work and go shopping!!

I was supposed to work at the restaurant today. I really enjoy working at the restaurant, but I was feeling a bit tired today. I'm not sure why-I slept a lot. Anyway, I called in, then went back to bed. Night came in this morning-around 9:30, and started talking to Josh (who didn't go to bed until after 6:30 this morning. Keira's been having some sleep issues...). I rolled over, and Night smiled a HUGE smile. That makes my heart smile.

I had a great time with Night. We went to Target and cleaned out the clearance aisles. I love Clearance. He's one of my best friends. Then we went to Kroger and found lots of good deals there too-I love getting marked down meat. It is marked down because it is supposed to be sold by today. I just pop the food in the freezer. It is great. Also, every Saturday, our Kroger has a kid's project. We made a snowman. Very fun.

Now we're off to spend more money. If we're going to be in poverty in a few weeks, might as well make it bottom of the barrel poverty, right? (Calm down, we're only going to the other Target to check out their clearance. We bought mostly food anyway.)

Here's a photo of the snowman we made. He has three eyes so he can see us better!

Kroger, originally uploaded by mari_ickes.


eph2810 said...

Very cool it.

I am sorry that you will be without a job soon. I hope that everything will work out for you.

Anna said...

Nice Snowman Night! Glad you had a special day together Mari