Monday, January 15, 2007

Quitting Time

Well, I've decided to quit working at the dentist's office. I don't think I deserve to feel the way that he is making me feel! However, I am the queen of avoidance, so I am having a hard time with the actual quitting process. I want to write a letter of resignation and I want to quit tomorrow (I didn't work today). I'm currently looking for other employment, but I want to give him 2 weeks notice because I am the only other person that works in the office with him. He can't really run the office without my help at this point.
Anyone know where I can get a good job?! I went to a job fair today, but it was dumb. All of the employers handed me information then told me to apply on-line. What a waste of time and gas money! I already knew I could apply on-line!
Wish me luck!

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