Friday, January 05, 2007

Too Much Jack?

24 Map

Okay, so I've been spending a fair bit of time watching 24, so maybe that is why I have been seeing so much international drama in the news-maybe it has always been there...

Watch out, Anna!
The radioactive chemical that is thought to have killed the Russian spy has been found in several London restaurants. A radioactive chemical is one of the major plot points of Season 5's 24, so if you need to know anything about escaping it, just ask me. I'm an expert now, or at least I will be in 6 more episodes...

Seven rocket launchers were stolen from the Australian military last year (yes-last year). They've arrested a man who they believe sold 5 of them; they believe that they have recovered one; and the whereabouts of the last one is unknown (not that the 5 are known...or the 1 for that matter). This was also part of the plot for a previous season, so let me know if you need to know how to find these rocket launchers, but I'll leave it up to the Aussie government until they ask.

Also in the news, though not international, I saw in The Tennessean (couldn't find the direct link to it) that When William Rehnquist was Chief Justice-both times, he was addicted to drugs. Okay, not DRUGS, but A drug- a sedative he took for back pain. Apparently, he became so dependent on in that he once tried to escape from a hospital during a delusional episode. 24 is filled with drug abusers. Jack became one when he went undercover-anything to protect our country! So, although I've never been addicted to drugs, I can point you to the episodes that he is trying to deal with his problem!


Anna said...

It was my favorite fast food restaurant it happened in!! Itsu has amazing Japanese food, I love it. Any way it's all boarded up whilst they decontaminate etc they have made the most of a bad situation and have a very sarcastic notice pained on the boarding in the centre of a James Bond like gun barrel saying "Due to an incident of international espionage, Itsu will be closed until futher notice" It goes on to explain that noone else that ate or worked there has become ill, but they'll reopen as soon as possible.

It wont keep me away, noone else in London makes food like that - I'm desperate for my chicken peanut salad.

Mari said...

That is exciting! Not in a good way, mind you, but it is exciting. It wouldn't keep me away either. Taco Bells in 3 or 4 states here had something wrong-e coli? but that didn't keep me away. I don't even know what happened-that's how much I paid attention!