Tuesday, February 13, 2007


In honor of Chris' post, I have a confession to make.

The kids just spilled Tang, and I cleaned it up with my husband's dirty sock. Personally, I am proud that it got cleaned up, not that you can tell. Our den floor is beyond repair. You can't tell where one stain ends and another begins. As for the sock? It shouldn't be in the den anyway, right?

Two days ago, it was me who spilled the drink (coffee, of course) and a blanket was the victim that had to clean up the carpet. I did put the blanket in the washing machine, though (it was last night, but timing isn't important). I'm sure it needs re-washed though, since it has been in there for awhile now...

Um, Keira is currently using Josh's other sock to "clean" the floor. At least she is developing good habits... (the cleaning part, that is)

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Malia said...

I've cleaned up spills with socks before! (Mine, husband's, kid's) Hey, whatever is handy and convenient and will do the job and can be washed afterwards...works for me!