Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm Scared

So, two days ago, Night, Keira, and I were perusing Target for clearance items, and we found this Spiderman hermit crab cage. Since it was only $3.50 and the other option was a $9.50 Spiderman hamster cage, we decided to get the hermit crab cage. I then proceeded to spend $20 getting 2 crabs and food and stuff for them. So much for a deal!

You can see a picture of them at Franklin Foto, my photoblog. Night named his Elmo (pronounced Melmo) and Keira's Coochi Coochi Coochi.

Yesterday, I went to the restaurant and told one of my friends about our new pets. She then told me a story that scared the shit out of me. Now I'm scared of our new hermit crabs.

My friend is in her fifties, and she said when her children were young, about 20 years ago, she got hermit crabs for them. She said that one day, one of the crabs pushed the other crab right out of its shell, stealing the shell and leaving the homeless crab for dead. She was so traumatized by them that she threw a towel over the cage, screaming the whole time. She said she will never get the image of the dead crab out of her head. She made her husband take the crabs (one alive, one dead) out of her house forever.

She said she had extra shells setting in the cage, but the big mean guy wanted the occupied one, so he took it.

I'm afraid to look in the cage now. Before the story, I was afraid the hermit crabs would pinch me. Now I'm afraid they'll pinch each other.

I think Target led me astray with their little clearance, and now I'm paying the price for being a bargain shopper-I can't go into my living room.


Tessa said...

Ha!!!!!!!!! My bro had hermit crabs when were were little and that never happened, so don't worry. ;) Although I did have to flush them when they died because he couldn't do it. I am five years younger, btw. :P

Mari said...

I think that Keira and Night will have the same relationship as you (Tessa) and your brother. I think she'll be the brave one, even though she is younger!

Flawed & Disorderly said...

You are hilarious! You had me laughing out loud! And my baby boy calls his Elmo "Melmo" too! Hee hee!

Also, the comment you left on my blog about the nipple had me rolling! SO GROSS! If that's a nipple, it is terribly nasty and should be removed...right after all the hair is plucked out from underneath! EW!

Daddy Forever said...

That is creepy. I guess I won't be getting hermit crabs. Maybe some piranhas instead.

Mari said...

At least you'd know what to expect with piranhas! Apparently those little hermit crabs can be deceiving! Or maybe not. I'll let ya'll know if something happens!