Saturday, March 17, 2007

Not Nolensville Road!

I had a dream last night that my little weekend restaurant moved from its prestigious spot in Belle Meade to a...not so prestigious spot on Nolensville Road. For those of you not familiar with Nashville, Nolensville Road isn't bad. Well, parts of Nolensville Road are bad, but not all of it; Belle Meade, however, is where a bunch of old rich people live, so it is quite a jump.

When I asked the manager why we moved, he said it was because people were not doing their jobs at the other one, so he wanted to move us here and see if it made a difference. The kitchen was so small that the servers had to stand in the same area as the cooks-one of the servers caught on fire because of the open flame on the grill!

Also, I had to leave my section mid-shift and walk down the road for some reason. When I returned, nobody had noticed because the printer wasn't working properly, which meant that my receipts wouldn't have been printing out. Nobody else looks at my receipts anyway, so I don't know why this mattered, but it did.

I also had to change clothes in my car, right in front of three of my customers, who happened to be in their cars, and I wasn't wearing a bra. This NEVER happens. I am unable to leave the bedroom without a bra, much less my house! (Ok-I leave the bedroom, but not if anyone but my family is home, that's for sure)

So, who wants to translate?

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