Thursday, March 15, 2007


Originally, I started blogging in order to chronicle our lives: "slowing down" was taking time to remember what was happening in our lives and enjoy the moment. I have a tendency to look forward to the future so much that I don't enjoy the present. I also have a tendency to forget the past-the good and the bad times, which is good in some respect but bad in another.

Anyway, I kind of lost sight of my goal. I started looking into making money through my blog. Well, my whopping $11.55 didn't really cut it, but it did make me become obsessed with my sitemeter.

Originally, I had been blogging at work, but then I left that HORRID job and got a new one. While live blogging is a neat concept, I really don't think live blogging while waitressing is going to work out!

Anyway, I want to refocus and go back to blogging. Blogging for my audience as well as for myself. Here's the first post. I'll be more consistent now. I promise! Well, at least I promise to have good intentions!!

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superrelish said...

Welcome back, looking forward to reading more.