Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pet Peeve of the Day

When I (as your waitress) bring your drinks, please don't ask for a straw. I have three million in my apron pocket. I will give you one. I have no attachment to my straws-I will happily give them all away; however, if you are person number two out of eight at your table, my hands are kind of full. I cannot reach into my pocket to give you a straw until I have set down all the drinks. Otherwise, the drinks will spill all over your head or back or arms or lap. Which is more important? Getting your straw RIGHT AWAY or keeping dry? If it is the former; don't worry. I have plenty of napkins to spare as well. I also have no attachment to my napkins, but again, you do need to wait until my hands are able to get the napkins for you.

Oh. If I do forget and happen to start to walk away without giving you a straw, don't be afraid to ask. :) I'm a nice girl.

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Anna said...

Good to see you back finding fun in blogging.