Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Nintendo Wii

For Mother's Day, we got the Nintendo Wii. Yes, it was a gift for me, not just for the boys. The Wiis are very difficult to find, so we ended up getting one from someone off of Craig's List. He knows one of the stockers at Walmart, so he got one that way. He earned himself an extra $45 for his contact, but it was worth it! He gave us a receipt, so we are covered if there are any problems.

Oh my god, this game system is so fun!!
First of all, we had to make our little mii. It is kind of like the Sims, where you get to make the individual hair color, facial features, even height. We made one for each of the family members-too bad they don't have mii-pets, though. My little mii has freckles. She is adorable. Having your mii allows you to save all of your game progress individually, so if I am at a different stage of a game than Josh is, I can go straight to my section. Very cool.

We have "Wii Sports" and play boxing, tennis (my current favorite), bowling, golf, and baseball. It turns out I am good at sports! I knocked out Josh in the first round of boxing!! Of course, Night knocked us both out too...

We have "Wi Play" which has table tennis and some crazy games that I can't even describe.

Josh has a game to0, but I don't remember what it is called. It has shooting, clawing, and stabbing!

Our newest game is "WarioWare" and it has lots of crazy mini-games that you play-they are all really stupid but they are really addictive and fun!

I think the best part of the wii is how physical it is-boxing wears me out! I love the exercise, though, and I love that the whole family can get into it.

I just really enjoy my new wii (that sounds dirty!) and think everyone should get one too!! (no, I wasn't paid to say this-I just really like it. I know my review sounds cheesy, but I don't care. Well, I care a little bit... Just get the wii!!)

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