Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The One in which I Respond

Kat recently wrote a post about waitresses, and I've been meaning to respond to A. Wilson (read the comments under the post.) I just don't quite know how to put all my thoughts into words, but here goes...

Wtf? You were saying that the mere fact that I am a server shows you that I haven't chosen the right path and I have let opportunities pass me by? You were inferring that my being a server somehow makes me less educated than yourself, and that if you were given my opportunities, you would have a better life? Well, if I were saying that someone wasn't as smart as me, I would certainly make sure I had my grammar correct; yours was atrocious!

Even though I am just a server, I am in fact very well educated; I went to a reputable college and have tried out a few careers. The truth is, I enjoy being a server, and it is actually better for me and my family than being a teacher or dental assistant . It provides adequate income and incredible flexibility. One of the greatest things about being a server is that my occupation doesn't get in the way of my family (and I get to have a nose ring...).

More important than making money is being happy. Don't get me wrong-making lots of money helps in the happiness department, but so many other things influence happiness. The jobs that I work now make me happy, which proves that I have taken opportunities that fulfill me. How sad that people look down on careers that seem "lower-grade" to them because I am actually much happier in this career, perhaps happier than your "upper-grade" occupation makes you.


Anna said...

Oh my God, I am SO ANGRY!! How DARE he take that manner, what a w***er! Tell you what though, he's written EIGHT times on the comments - on a complete rant without social or cultural consideration - EIGHT times, I'm sorry? Does he work or just behave like an ape on blogs full time? Talk about aspirational.


Tessa said...

I went over to look and could barely follow his rambles. You should also tell him that it is "you're" not "your".

Do what makes you happy!!!

Kat Coble said...

I did also write a follow up to his comments a few days later.

He really doesn't post much anymore.