Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mover or a Stayer??

When I was growing up, we moved a lot. I was born in Arizona. We moved to Texas, back to Arizona, then to Michigan, and then to Ohio, all before I began 5th grade. I have no idea how many houses I have lived in. After getting married, Josh and I have lived in various apartments; we then moved to Colorado (from here in Nashville) just for a change of scene. Then we couldn't hack it (read: we were too poor to be parents) once Night arrived, so we moved to Indiana to be closer to family. We couldn't hack that either (read: I hated being so close to family), so we moved back here to Nashville.

We've lived in a few more apartments since moving back, then we moved here to Franklin. We are renting a wonderful (historic) 2 bedroom, one bathroom, house. We are near downtown, and we love the area. Our house is too small-we need one more bedroom and one more bath.

Guess what-it is time to move. Well, it actually is not time to move because our lease doesn't end until February; however, I'm feeling antsy. I'm definitely a mover. I like to see new things and have changes in scenery.

The big question is this: do we stay in Franklin, which we do like a lot-more than anywhere we've lived thus far. Or do we explore somewhere new? We are looking into Austin, TX or Seattle, WA. Of course, Melbourne would be perfect, but that isn't going to happen any time soon, probably never... Should we put down our roots here and just visit the other places or should we make an ultimate plunge and just move? That is more exciting, but more risky as well...

Are you a mover or a stayer? Did your childhood influence your present?


Anna said...

I think my childhood influenced me in the opposite way to you. It was so stable I couldn't even rearrange my bedroom. I think it gave me a craving for constant change.

superrelish said...

I guess I am like Anna, I didn't move until I finished high school and moved to Melbourne when I was 17. From there, I think I had 7 moves in 5 years (including mum and dad moving too). Things quietened down some when we bought a house, until we got bored and did stints in NZ and the US and upgraded our house moving to the suburb closer to the city. I am getting bored again...change must be on the way!

Michael said...

I grew up an Air Force brat, so moving was part of my life in the childhood years.

To the point now that if I spend more than three years at one address, I get a bit ansty.

Or as my family always put it--we know the backroads here...time to move. LOL