Friday, August 03, 2007

Yay for Mari!

I did it! I went to the YMCA BEFORE work twice this week! The first day I went was Wednesday. It was wonderful. I felt so energized and my workout was terrific. Then this morning, I got up and went. I wasn't so energized and my workout was okay, but I still worked out, and I felt so proud of myself. Maybe someone who is NOT a morning person CAN work out in the mornings.

The Y in Maryland Farms (a business district here in Nashville) was PACKED. I arrived 10 minutes after after they opened-yep 5 AM, and the place had about 50 people already there working out. That is crazy. I want to be crazy. I'm working on it!!

Thanks for all of the encouragement.


shauna said...

You get a big "WOOHOO!" from me. I can't manage to drag myself to the gym and I only have one kid and no job. Keep it up!

superrelish said...

Fantastic. Keep blogging about your motivation, it might get me more motivated too!

Michael said...

The Maryland Farm Y is the Cadillac of Ys.

I love, love, love their outdoor pool.

50 meters so I can test how I'm doing in terms of being in shape, lots of swim lanes for lap swimmers, lifeguards who keep stragglers out of the lanes and enough room for the kids to have places to play.