Saturday, November 10, 2007

Roller Derby

It's ROLLER DERBY time again!! Tonight was the last bout of the season, and the girls did not disappoint. Since I'm not good with details, I'll just tell ya'll that we kicked ass. Big time ass kicking. I think the final score was 150 something to 50 something.

Since I've been to three bouts, I'm somewhat of an expert now, so I can truly say that this was the best one so far. There weren't any real fights like last time, but there was a whole lotta pushin and shovin goin on! When we waltzed up 5 minutes after the game started (late, again), we were very excited to see the huge crowd. The line to buy tickets was... um, really long. It went out to the parking lot, but since there is not really a frame of reference if you have never been there, I will just say it was really long. The best part of it was that we had bought our tickets directly through a rollergirl, so we didn't have to stand in line. (singing "I've got the golden ticket..." all the way to the door)

The girls played The Bleeding Heartland out of Bloomington, Indiana. As I've previously stated, we won--by far. It looked like the girls were having a blast. I had a blast watching them. The paramedics had to come to the scene quite a few times, though, so I guess the rough-housing got a bit out of hand. The paramedic never had to open his little first aid kit, though (that I saw, anyway), so I guess it wasn't too bad.

Picking two highlights of the night, I'd have to mention the Bloomington girl who bared her butt to the crowd-for more than one loop around the rink because she was pushed over and her little skirt never fell back down. I don't think she was wearing any panties... that had to hurt! I also enjoyed seeing Hildabeast as the girl with the star (told you I'm not good with details-I don't know the technical term!). It was a rare treat to see her zooming around the track rather than being a blocker.

It was a great night. Unfortunately, it was the last of the season, but I hope to be at the next season opener, right here at the Nashville State Fairgrounds on Februrary 16th.

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