Friday, November 09, 2007

Why Lessons Don't Work

Night poked Josh in the face. Josh told Night not to poke him in the face because it hurt. Night told Josh to poke HIM in the face, so Josh did, but Night said it didn't hurt.

Josh told Night that it didn't hurt because he didn't poke him very hard, even though he should have in order to teach him a lesson.

Night somberly replied that lessons don't work. When Josh asked why, Night said that he had tried to teach me (his mom) a lesson, and it didn't work. Night went on to tell this story:

When I was little and sleeping in Mom's tummy, she used to get mad and yell.
I would hit her to teach her a lesson, but it never worked. She just kept yelling.

It is true-I did yell a lot when I was pregnant with Night, I was teaching 8th grade English. I did yell a lot.

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Kathy T. said...

You are so interesting! In a good way! Heh.