Friday, December 14, 2007

Secret Santa

I think that playing Secret Santa is so much fun! I haven't worked at a place where we have played for years (I guess it would have been a dead give-away if I played Secret Santa when I worked at the doctor's office-there were only two of us in the office-me and the doctor!!)

We have been playing Secret Santa at work for almost two weeks now, with the big reveal coming up on Sunday night. I love it! My Santa didn't give me anything the first week at all, so I was a bit bumbed since I really get in to it. I not only wanted presents (because who doesn't want presents?!!) but I also wanted hints as to who was playing my Santa.

I was super-excited on Monday when I got some BEAUTIFUL earrings on an earring tree. I really love me some cute earrings. The earrings that my Santa got for me were perfect. I would have picked them out myself. At this point, I had no idea who was playing my Santa. Pretty much everyone at work knows that I like earrings because I try to wear different ones all of the time.

Then on Wednesday, I received some yummy smelling O.P.I. lotions. I love love love them, especially the coconut and the almond ones (I think I have an eating problem--I'm in love with food-flavored lotions--especially the ones at Victoria's Secret!!). There is a girl at work who went to school to be a beautistetian girl who puts on make-up. A few weeks ago, she was talking about O.P.I. brand stuff, so my first thought was, "OH!! I know my secret Santa!!!"

But then I got another present today (two actually), and the lady in question wasn't working, so now I think it is another girl. Her sister works with us, and her sister seems to know a lot about my presents, so I have a feeling... But then there is a guy who was near my presents when I first saw them--maybe he put them there... Hmmm.

The suspense is killing me, YET, I love it!!

As for me, I'm a really good Santa. The person that I've been getting stuff for sometimes reads my blog, so I'd better be careful!! I doubt if she'll check it before Sunday. I'm going to take my chances-I won't see her before then anyway! I gave her a much-appreciated STARBUCKS gift card, followed by a yummy flavored-creamer. You see, she is a single mom and can use all the coffee she can get her hands on!! I have also gotten her earrings, diaper coupons, and some candy. I had the PERFECT gift for her, but my husband RUINED it. I won't mention it because he is a bit sore about the subject, but I have spoiled her none-the-less (who wouldn't love a bottle of wine?!). I can't wait to give her the big present on Sunday.

I'll let you know if my guess is correct. The person I've been giving my presents to has asked a couple times if I'm her Santa, but I think she's asked a couple of people, so I think I've been incognito... (I might as well be a ninja!) I'll let you know that after Sunday too!

Have you been having fun for the holidays as well?!!

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