Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Found It!

Have you ever lost something that was super-important to you? It drives you crazy that you can't find it? You even resort to pleading to the gods that you would do anything just to have it back?

I lost my ipod.

I hated everything. I hated that we had no money; our rent was due; our gas bill was due; we needed to buy gas for the car; we needed to buy a tire for the car; work was slow (hey, people-go out to eat--I need some money); I didn't want to work-out; I was tired; I was just plain sad.

Then, I found my ipod.

What was I thinking? Suddenly life is wonderful. All of my previous problems seemed to melt away. I can now see that my problems were temporary, (assuming some of ya'll will come in and eat sometime soon!!) and as long as I have Jack back in my life; nothing can go wrong.

Watch him here. He will make you happy too.

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