Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I love love LOVE Juno. I cannot remember the last time I left a movie feeling so... fulfilled. It is humorous and witty, sad, cute, heartfelt, and whatever fun adjectives you can think of.

I seriously am in love with the characters and actors in this film. I usually leave movies "liking" them, but I would have paid for another ticket and turned right around and watched this movie again. That is a compliment. I usually wait for DVD release--on clearance at Blockbuster before I watch a movie; or at the very least-I go to a matinee; but I came right home and purchased the FABULOUS soundtrack on itunes (paying full price is practically unheard of in my house), and would definitely go to see the movie again at the theater.

Go see it. It is wonderful. (think Gilmore Girls)


PlaidDuctTaper said...

Thats exactly what I thought and I'm also a huge Gilmore Girls fan. The movie was great and witty and I honestly want to go see it again and i just saw it like 14 hours ago and I'm already obsessed with that movie but the music might have been my favorite part!

Anonymous said...

I really like it, too!