Friday, April 11, 2008


Know what is tricky? Trying to potty train a puppy and a kid at the same time. I never know who to yell at when I find pee on the floor...or on the couch. (You might not want to come visit us for a little while...)
Dash was supposedly potty-trained when he came to us, but I beg to differ!
Keira wasn't potty-trained when she came to us, but that is to be expected!


Chris said...

We were fortunate enough that our dog was in fact trained when she came to us (but don't get me started on the stealing food from the kitchen counter). With our son, we used cheerios in the toilet - worked like a charm after 3 days. We were blessed. Our daughter just finished up awhile ago, but she has had a lot of "accidents". Good Luck and I hope it goes well.

Kelsey Smith said...

Oh your poor thing!

CC said...

Love it! Whose pudding is this!!!???