Saturday, August 09, 2008

Night Wants to Go to Bed?

Last night, as I was lying in bed reading around 10:00ish. Night's bedtime is around 9:00, but Josh and Night were distracted by their video game, so time apparently got away from them.

Suddenly, Josh had an idea. From the bedroom, I hear, "Hey, let me pull out your tooth." Night's tooth has been loose for about a month.
"Ok.... Wait! It hurts!"
"I'll be done in a minute."
"Ouch! Ouch!"
"Hold on." Josh goes and gets pliers and a paper towel. (because that's not scary!)
A minute later, a panic-stricken Night says, "IT IS LATE. I SHOULD BE IN BED. I'M TIRED. "
Josh says, "Fine, but if you get out of bed tonight, I'm pulling that tooth!"

I guess Night stayed in bed, because all his teeth seem to be intact today!

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